The section "tele-night diaries" provides a preview of 21 small and large sized phonebooks that have been cut into shapes of mountains and painted in various ways. The tele-night diaries are named after the late hours when they were created. These diaries are made for bibliophiles with relish. Her "tele-night diaries" collect notes of experiences, like the meetings with painters of abstract realism, memories of landscapes, and lots and lots of forms and quotes from ethnology and archeology.


  • 200_adlermaske-600Eagle Mask (Bali)
  • 210_federmaske-brasilien-600Feather Mask, Wayana-Aparai (Brasil)
  • 220_landschaft-x500Landscape
  • 230_yupik-maske-alaska-600Yup'ik mask (Alaska)
  • 240_gesichtsmaske-tabwa-zaire-600Mask Tabwa (Zaire)
  • 250_felsbild-anasazi-600Rock Drawing (Anasazi, SW USA)
  • 260_ibo-nigeria-600Ibo (Nigeria)
  • 270_runeninschrift-tirol-600Runes Inscription (Tyrol)
  • 280_landschaft-600Landscape

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