Like most other pocket art objects also the artist's »petits boîtes à paysage«-series is meant as an offering to exiled mountain friends and fans to carry round their favourite mountain peak in their pocket as a lucky charm ... especially on trips to flat regions with no mountains. Most woodworks of Petra Thalmeier are oil painted on carved lime wood.
»Landscape Furnishings« ("Landschaftseingerichte") are wooden boxes with a cover and miniature landscapes inside, made of alluvial wood. These objects are inspired by "eingericht" boxes from alpine folk art tradition and should be seen with an eye-twinkle towards theatrical sceneries of baroque churches.


  • 200-tischlandschaften-600Table Landscapes
  • 210-boites-a-paysage-600Little Mountain Peak Boxes
  • 220-boite-a-paysage-3-x500Boite à paysage 3 (suisse)

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