The sequence mountain spring inscription ("quellschrift") shows old Rhaetian inscriptions and other carvings in rocks of Schneidjoch (Brandenberg Alps / Tyrol) in an artistic manner. - Although these mountain inscriptions have already been decoded, scientists still don't understand their meaning.

This little river Gaschaloah has its source near Mittenwald, in the northwest region of Karwendel. The smaller part of the Karwendel's 1000 square kilometer massif belongs to Bavaria, the majority belongs to Austria. The artist fades the phases of erosion in layers of drawings and layers of photographs over each other, like in a short video. This visualizes the water's destructive force and illustrates the influence of extreme weather conditions which have been increasing for years.


  • 500-quellschrift-800Mountain Spring Inscription ("Quellschrift")
  • 510-gaschaloah-1-800Gaschaloah snatching off 1
  • 520-gaschaloah-2-643Gaschaloah snatching off 2
  • 530-gaschaloah-3-666Gaschaloah snatching off 3

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