Petra Thalmeier is wandering through her mountains and she knows them very well. She creates sketches outdoors and collects impressions of light, shadows, and geological specialties so that she is able to transform those drawings in her art studio into paintings and sculptures. Leafing through her sketchbooks always helps her visualise previously "experienced" countryside to get into the right mood to create a new work of art.

Sketchbook and camera make a precious pair of tools when the painter sets out into the mountains, in her native, Bavaria, in Italy, Austria, France, Norway or even in U.S., Mexico, Peru and South Africa. The lens of the camera decides on composition and framing whereas the draughtswoman's eye is concerned with structures and configurations. Both combine to introduce the special point of view of the attentive observer into her own artificial and highly aesthetical colourful landscapes.

To the painter Petra Thalmeier drawing outdoors in mountainous countryside means to see in the most intense way.

Her drawings of mountains are no longer intended to be studies for a later painting as it was common in the 19th century, when drawings were used to help balance priorities and forms for compositions. This is not the way Petra Thalmeier works. Her painting processes go beyond those preparatory studies and evaluated thoughts in pencil strokes. Placing coloured shapes is the most noticeable difference between painting and drawing, which is just a temporary step towards a canvas painting.

Besides being able to look at several tour-books like the sketchbooks from Langkofel, Brenta or from the southwestern part of the USA, this section also provides sketched notes and drawn picture series like Karwendel sketches or glacier comics as well as sequences of standing alone drawings, like Hoher Ifen, Zugspitz above Ammersee, Sciliar, and Langkofel-landscapes.

The excurse ends with a small fine art collection of mountain drawings from the South African regions around the Natal Drakensberg Park and the Helderberg and Stellenboschberge near Capetown. 



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