Return to Patagonia. Back to South America in the early summer of 2010/11, I had the chance to return to Patagonia. To fully fathom my mountain themes in all their vivid details, a single trip of 10 to 12 days is never really sufficient for me, although, within this short time span, you can experience all four seasons in this amazing country. Still, my aim is to visit a scenery as often as possible during a period of several years. The graphical rendering of views and perspectives is one thing. My main desire is to fully take up the synergy of the surroundings. Only hill-hiking helps to truly absorb an ever changing landscape visually.

The great variety of the countryside of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego was my destination in 2007.
For many years, I've been fascinated by Martin Gusindes photographies of the last surviving native Fuegians and historical sound documents of ritual singing, mainly from the Selk'nam people, which had even become a part of Michael Fahres musical compositions. Intense preparations finally let me realize my dream. I set out to roam the regions that had been inhabited by the Indians of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego until the beginning of the 20th century.

Of course I didn't want to miss the "Torres del Paine", the "Blue Mountains" as the Tehuelche people had named these impressive and unique mountains - and the "Smoky Mountain", "El Chaltén" - that is called "Fitz Roy" in these days. These famous peaks have also become a major attraction for mountain climbers from all over the world.
Looking back, the most impressive experience was the quiet, but storm-wracked bays of Tierra del Fuego and its surrounding islands and the numerous sites covered with mounds of shells left by the Yamaná people.


  • 050-13-03-4-pehoeWEBPatagonian Sequel 9 - Pehoe
  • 060-13-03-2_fortalezzaWEBPatagonian Sequel 7 - Fortalezza - Oriental
  • 070-13-3-1-nordenskjWEBPatagonian Sequel 6 - Nordenskjöld
  • 080-13-03-3-greyWEB-1Patagonian Sequel 8 - Grey - Silentio
  • 110-Pa-Suite-4WEBPatagonian Sequel 4 - Fitz Roy
  • 120-Pa-Suite-3WEBPatagonian Sequel 3 - Fitz Roy
  • 140-Pa-Suite-1WEBPatagonian Sequel 1 - Fitz Roy
  • 150-11-5-5 torreN-WEBPatagonian Sequel 5 - Cerro Torre
  • 160-pata-vignette4WEBPatagonian Vignette 4 - Espada - Cuernos
  • 170-Pa-Vignet-1WEBPatagonian Vignette 1 - Cerro Torre - Fitz Roy
  • 210-el-chalten-1-600El Chaltén 1
  • 220-el-chalten-3-600El Chaltén 3
  • 230-paine-600Paine

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